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 'Omens & meaning'

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PostSubject: 'Omens & meaning'   22/8/2008, 16:09

Omens- Lucky And Unlucky Birds


  • An unlucky sign. Beware of danger from hidden enemies and those possessing predatory natures.


  • For a girl to hear a cock crowing while she is thinking of her sweetheart is a potent of good luck.
  • On the other hand, if a prospective bride or bridegroom hears a cock crowing on the wedding day, strife, bickering and unhappiness in the wedded state are threatened.
  • To meet a white cock is a potent of ill luck. Trouble and danger lie in store for an inmate of any home which it approaches closely.


· Dark–plumaged birds have always been held to be of evil portent, and the crow and the rook are no exceptions to this tradition.

· One or more crows or rooks on the left-hand side constitute a definite omen of misfortune, presaging much contention and strife.


· To hear the call of a cuckoo on the right is a sign of coming prosperity.

· If the bird is heard on the left of the force of the omen is somewhat reduced.


· A most happy omen, signifying love, happiness and wedded bliss. In classical days the dove was the emblem of Venus, goddess of love, and hence was a favorite bird with lovers, to whom it is exceptionally fortunate.


· To hear a duck quacking is a fortunate omen, indicative of prosperity.

· To see this bird flying is an exceptionally good sign, especially for those who are in trouble or sorrow.


  • definitely a lucky sign though one somewhat rare in the British Isle.
  • among the ancients, the eagle was a very important bird, symbolizing the supreme power of Jupiter, who was often represented as being accomplished by an eagle


  • Like most birds of prey, the falcon is an unlucky bird, threatening a sudden disaster falling “like a bolt from the tube”. If seen or heard on the left, it is more unlucky.


  • it is a well known tradition that the cackling of geese warned the Romans when the barbarians were making a silent raid upon the capitol. Ever since then, the cackling Geese have been regarded as a presage of danger and of the advent of secret enemies, and any one who hears them should be cautious in his actions during the following few days.


  • if seagulls settle on any part of a ship in which a person is traveling or is about to travel, he may expect a happy and fortunate journey.
  • On the other hand, if a seagull brushes against a person with his wings of flap them in his face, it is an omen of death-probably that of a friend.


  • the sight of a hawk should counsel the observer to be on his guard against others who are more powerful than he.
  • If the bird is hovering on the left side, or worse still, directly over head the gravest possible danger is to be feared from cruel and grasping people.


  • To hear a hen crowing- as distinct from merely cackling- is a warning of serious personal illness.


  • A bird of similar portent to the crow, raven and rook, foretelling serious

Ill luck, especially if the bird croaks.


  • To see a kingfisher threatens scandal, calumny and the public “washing of dirty linen.”


  • This is rare in Great Britain, which, from the divinatory point of view, is just as well, for it presages that robbery, extortion and financial losses will be suffered by the person who encounters it.


  • To see a single magpie, especially if it be upon the left, is a most unlucky sign, presaging death. To encounter two of these birds is very lucky, however, and good fortune should attend you within three days. The omen varies with the number of magpies that are seen in the course of a walk.


  • The owl is regarded as an ill-omened bird the world over. If you hear an owl hoot three times in succession very bad luck is to be feared. Moreover, it is generally considered unlucky to kill an owl or any kind of night bird.


  • Just as the eagle was the sacred bird of Jupiter, so the peacock was associated by the ancients with Juno, queen of the heavens.
  • To meet a peacock is a happy omen, as might be imagined. If he spreads his tail before one’s eyes, happiness and prosperity are promised.
  • On the other hand, to bring a peacock’s tail feathers into the house is considered unlucky by superstitious people, for they are considered to be representative of the evil eye.


· If a white pigeon is seen flying round a house, the engagement or marriage of one of the inmates in the near future may be inferred.


· To see a quail or to hear one calling is a fortunate omen, whether the bird be upon the right or left.


· To see a raven perching on the right, or flying away on the right, may be regarded as an auspicious sign; note, however, that this is not the case if the bird flies from left to right across the path of the observer.

· If the bird is flying away on the left, bad news may be expected before long. The raven is considered by the ancients to be one of the most ill-omened of birds, an encounter with one foretelling death, illness or other misfortune. This bird’s association with death seems universal.


  • the sight of robins near a house or in a garden is an augury of good fortune to those who dwell within.


  • See Crow.


  • An unfortunate bird as a general omen, but, strangely enough, one that favors lovers.


  • A lucky bird- according to the Romans augurs, one of the most auspicious of all.
  • In Sweden, the stork is regarded as a sacred bird, there being a legend that Christ was being crucified a stork flew round, giving vent to cries of distress.
  • In many countries the stork is encouraged to nest on the house tops, boxes or even cartwheels being placed in position to form a foundation for the bird’s home.


  • According to the ancients, this bird was one of the most fortunate.
  • It is the symbol of spring and regeneration, birth and awakening; and to see a swallow in the early springtime, before they have become abundant, is a very fortunate omen.
  • If swallows build in the eaves of a house, success, happiness and good luck are promised to all the inmates.
  • To kill a swallow, especially one that has nestled under the eaves of your house, may bring the gravest calamity to yourself or your family.


· To encounter a vulture – not a very likely happening outside warm climates-foretells the death of a friend.

· If more than one of these grim birds are seen together, their number indicates the number of days that will elapse before this tragic prognostication is fulfilled.


  • To come across a wagtail is a lucky sign, especially if the cheery little bird is walking towards you from the left.


  • A fortunate bird; to encounter one is an omen of success, perhaps as the reward of patient effort


  • The sight of this charming little bird is a promise of good luck; but to injure or frighten a wren in any way, or take its eggs or young from the nest, is sure to be followed by a calamity of some kind.
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'Omens & meaning'
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